DISADVANTAGES of Carbon Build up in a Bakery

          • Unhyginic

          • Unsightly

          • Slows down the baking

          • Uneven baking

          • Inconsistent baking

          • Carbon Flakes on goods

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"My best baking is done when the pans have just been cleaned" - Unanimous


Bakers agree that Carbon Build up on bakery pans and equipment is unsightly, unhygienic and a barrier to heat. As Carbon builds up on the pans, more and more heat is required, thereby slowing down the baking process. Since the layer of Carbon is unevenly distributed over the surface of the pans, the resulting product is uneven.


Carbon Flakes stick to the bread and alters the taste of the baked goods.


Best Bakery Cleaning Equipment


The D-CARBONATOR heated soak tank provides a method of cleaning baking equipment in the most efficient and cost effective way by simply soaking in the unit.

Clean sheet pans, clean bread pans, clean muffin pans and clean baking racks effortlessly



Le Chef Bakery had three permanent employees in the Dishwashing room

They freed up 2 permanent employees after an 85GAL model was installed

BEST in baking award
BEST in Baking

ChemxWorks wins prestigious Award

The D-CARBONATOR has won IBIE's B.E.S.T. in Baking Award Becoming Environmentally Sustainable Together, for our significant #water and #energy savings!


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Join us in our drive towards sustainability. Get a D-CARBONATOR® in YOUR kitchen today!


Glazing pans is expensive, time consuming and a hassle. You need enough baking equipment on hand while the rest is being cleaned.

A solution to this very real problem is to clean the equipment in the D-CARBONATOR® as often as necessary at a fraction of the cost of glazing.

Compare the costs of in-house cleaning in the D-CARBONATOR to pan cleaning services


Initially, heavy Carbon build up may require a longer soak time. Once the Carbon is removed, the maintenance soak time is dramatically reduced.


Clean equipment speeds up the baking process with the possibility of an additional bake cycle per day.


How many baking sheet pans will fit into a D-CARBONATOR?

Small Capacity Bakery

Model: 40GAL

  • The 40GAL model will fit 26 baking sheet pans at a time lying stacked horizontally

Medium Capacity Bakery

Model: 85GAL

  • The 85GAL model will fit 52 baking sheet pans at a time

  • Optional H85/120 hoist - Learn More Hoists

  • The hoist enables the loading and unloading to be a one person operation

Medium to Large Capacity Bakery

Model: 120GAL

  • The 120GAL model will fit 104 baking sheet pans at a time

  • Optional H85/120 hoist - Learn More Hoists

  • The hoist enables the loading and unloading to be a one person operation

Large Capacity Bakery

Model: 250GAL

  • The 250GAL model will fit 256 baking sheet pans at a time

  • Fits single baking racks

  • Optional HC250 hoist - Learn More Hoists

  • The mobile hoist enables the loading and unloading to be a one person operation

Extra Large Capacity Bakery

Model: 500GAL

  • The 500GAL model will fit 364 baking sheet pans at a time

  • Fits double baking racks

  • Optional AGC500 hoist - learn More Hoists

  • Optional wire baskets

  • The mobile hoist enables the loading and unloading to be a one person operation


Pizza Conveyor Belt Cleaner

Impinger belt and Conveyor Oven fingers

  • Efficiently clean Pizza Conveyor belts without scrubbing.

  • 32" Impinger belt fits into 85GAL Model

Pan washer, Baking Sheet pan cleaner, rack washer, pan cleaner, rack cleaner
Bakery Rack cleaner


Bakery racks are often seen by customers and the black carbon Build up is unsightly and unhygienic.

They are extremely time consuming to keep clean because the Carbon Build up is encrusted on the metal

Carbon flakes from the racks often end up on the baked products

Compare the D-CARBONATOR to a Douglas Rack Washer, pan washer and utensil washer. The D-CARBONATOR uses the same water and chemicals for a month at a time and does not require any special installation.


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500GAL D-CARBONATOR with Hoist
Double Bakery Rack Cleaning
250GAL D-CARBONATOR with Hoist
Single Bakery Rack Cleaning